Architecture’s Oddest Couple?

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That would be Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson.

In the years they shared—between their first acquaintance in 1931 and Wright’s death in April 1959—the two men were the yin and the yang, in love and in hate, the positive and negative charges that gave American architecture its compass. Up until his own death in 2005, Johnson would spend long decades wrestling with Mr. Wright’s shadow.

0000 weber quoteSeveral years ago I decided there was a book in their sparring—and in the immeasurable contributions they made to twentieth-century architecture. In May 2016, Bloomsbury will be publishing Architecture’s Odd Couple, a dual biography of the two men and a look at their greatest works, in particular Fallingwater, the Glass House, the Guggenheim Museum, and Johnson’s collaboration with Miës van der Rohe, the Seagram Building.

I hope you will want to read the books — but if you would like to hear me talk about the book – and the ineffable Messieurs Johnson and Wright — please get in touch; my email is

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